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Afas modular furniture by Lina Alorabi

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Slash Lamp by Dragos Motica for Ubikubi

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Willy Guhl, beach chair and mould by Eternit AG, 1954. Switzerland. Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, Via form.de

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1985 Porsche 959 prototype


1985 Porsche 959 prototype

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The Existential Coloring Book is packed to the gills with animal-people paired with dark quotes from philosophers and other people worried about the essential dark unknowability of the universe. Also, activities! From an existential connect-the-dots to a page where you can draw what Kierkegaard is thinking about, you’ll being sighing with joy as you work on them. This looks like a coloring book for kids, but it’s probably not a good idea to give it to one. This twenty-four page, 8” x 10-1/4” book is a great gift for philosophy majors or anyone else overwhelmed with a feeling of hopelessness. Features quotes from existential thinkers, mysterious pictures to color and mildly depressing activities.

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